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Hi! , my name is Oscar E. Senonez. I´m a illustrator and my artistic name is "Sen."

Ansgar illustration, is my space dedicated to my personal work of children illustration.

draw is dreaming. paint is fly. And the words make it thinking and imagining.

I love draw and paint, i love read, i love the history, i love the children illustration.

Ansgar is my name, Oscar. His meaning is: “sword of God” . I prefer change this sword to pencil, is more fun… don´t you think?

I born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. My parents coming from a european family. My lastname is Senonez, derivated of Senones ( with “s”) for a error in my country change the “s” to " z””. For that, my near family is the only one Senones with “z”.

The Senones (Ancient Greek: Σήνωνες)

The senones, my old family, is in the Argentine from long time ago. Us come from to the original people of Senones. Were an ancient Gaulish tribe.

The history say that like this: In about 400 BC they crossed the Alps and, having driven out the Umbrians settled on the east coast of Italy from Forlì to Ancona, in the so-called ager Gallicus, and founded the town of Sena Gallica (Sinigaglia), which became their capital. In 391 BC they invaded Etruria and besieged Clusium. The Clusines appealed to Rome, whose intervention, accompanied by a violation of the law of nations, led to war, the defeat of the Romans at the Allia (18 July 390BC) and the capture of Rome.

For more than 100 years the Senones were engaged in hostilities with the Romans, until they were finally subdued (283 BC) by P. Cornelius Dolabella and driven out of their territory. Nothing more is heard of them in Italy. It is probable that they formed part of the bands of Gauls who spread themselves over the countries by the Danube, Macedonia and Asia Minor. A Roman colony was established at Sena, called Sena Gallica (currently Senigallia) to distinguish it from Sena Julia (Siena) in Etruria.

A branch of the Senones (or a different tribe of the same name) settling the district which now includes the departments of Seine-et-Marne, Loiret and Yonne from 53-51 BC were engaged in hostilities with Caesar brought about by their expulsion of Cavarinus, whom he had appointed their king. In 51 BC, a Senonian named Drappes threatened the Provincia, but was captured and starved himself to death. From this time the Gallic Senones disappear from history. In later times they were included in Gallia Lugdunensis. Their chief towns were Agedincum (later Senones, whence Sens), Metiosedum (Melun; according to A. Holder, Meudon), and Vellaunodunum (site uncertain).

I love the epic historys. Always i prepare to the aventure of the imagination.

Thanks for share my blog and visit me.

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This article incorporates text from a publication now in the public domain: Chisholm, Hugh, ed (1911). Encyclopædia Britannica (Eleventh ed.). Cambridge University Press.


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